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He died, five years after his wife, on the 1st August 1807, in Tottenham Court Road, and was buried in St.

Pancras Churchyard, where his tombstone, rescued and preserved by the Baroness Burdett Coutts in 1877, may still be seen.

In 1762 he was back in London at Drury Lane, five years later again in Dublin, but the following year he removed to Bristol, at which point he quit the stage.

At the beginning of 1769, in partnership with James Usher, he established a school at Kensington Gravel Pits, and although he left his partner after two years it was the arguments of Usher that subsequently persuaded him to convert to Roman Catholicism.

There is nothing at present to suggest any revisions over the course of its existence, and after 1830 it appears to have been superseded almost entirely by new editions.

On a Plan not hitherto attempted.’(1775, the 1st Edition of the Rhyming Dictionary and still in print), ‘The Elements of Elocution’(1781), ‘A Rhetorical Grammar’(1785) and ‘The Melody of Speaking’(1787).

The note to ‘DENIGRATE’ begins: ‘In a former edition of this Dictionary…’, and this wording is repeated in subsequent editions, with one exception Contains also ‘Advertisement to the 4th Edition’, word for word the same as that for the 3rd Edition apart from the number, a conclusion similar to that of the 3rd, and an appendix of words ending in ‘ose’, headed: ‘The Appendix in the 3rd Edition being incorporated into the present…’ The Advertisement and the Appendix are included in many subsequent editions, but the latter begins: ‘The Appendix in the 4th Edition being incorporated into the present…’.

Cornell lists a Dublin 4th Edition by Wogan, 1806, but whether this is a simultaneous publication or a reprint of an earlier edition I don’t know.

The next edition chronologically was the stereotype.

John Murdoch (1747-1824) in his preface dated 1st May 1809, claims to have received the mantle directly from Walker: ‘Mr Walker did me the honour, a considerable time before his decease, of recommending me as a fit person to edit this Stereotype edition.’ Certainly he was known to Walker, who was a subscriber, albeit posthumously, to Murdoch’s ‘Dictionary of Distinctions’, published in London in 1811 by Longman, Law et al.

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1791 1st Edition, republished in Dublin 1794 (and Philadelphia 1803?

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