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And now a team of investigators are claiming they have tracked down Patrick Mc Dermott and he is alive and well in Mexico, according to reports from New Idea.

A photograph recovered from a Mexican campsite last month by US media agency Coleman-Rayner is said to show a shirtless Patrick lounging alongside a woman.

Patrick would be 60-years-old - roughly the same age the man in the photograph appears to be.

He was declared dead in 2008, despite not one of 22 passengers on board fishing boat Freedom seeing him go overboard in San Pedro, California.

While there have been tons of rumors that Mc Dermott had faked his own death, it wasn't until 2006 that "Dateline NBC" brought forth the theory that he escaped to Mexico to avoid paying past-due child support.

Olivia was also joined onstage by iconic Channel Nine newsreader Peter Hitchener with the pair sharing a laugh as they addressed the crowd.The cameraman had an on-again-off-again relationship with Newton-John for over nine years.They had broken up a few months prior to his disappearance.Federal opposition leader Bill Shorten also turned out for the event and shook hands with many of the runners.Olivia posed for snaps with supporters and even stopped to chat with a playful pooch who wore a fetching bandanna in the charity's signature lime green colour.

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