Tinsley mortimer dating brian mazza

The pair had been dating since early April of last year when he first appeared on her reality show But appearances are always deceiving. Tins gave a vague answer to the Post on what caused the split, saying "He was a great friend and the relationship ran its course." The former reality star will keep their dog. The Tinz previously filed for divorce from husband Topper Mortimer after seven years of marriage in 2009, reportedly in part due to her actual relationship with another Prince, named Casimir Wittgenstein-Sayn . Prior to his red-carpet time with Mortimer, Borghese had been dating 27-year-old aspiring pop-singer Cara Quici , who is most noticeable for her performances on “The Real Housewives of New York City.” A source close to Quici tells us things fizzled between the two late last year.Borghese and Mortimer, whose staged couple appearances together have dwindled (they were, however, snapped in a group together at a summer social for the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation on July 11), do have a significant amount in common: Both are avid animal advocates, fiction authors and have appeared on multiple reality shows.Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA We published this photo of Eva Longoria a few days after Thanksgiving, speculating about her big dress, which is quite out of character.Eva had been denying pregnancy rumors for months (even in a bikini) – she laughingly claimed she binged on pancakes or cheese.Rumors of infidelity and personal differences forced Tinsley and her husband to split.

She just didn’t CARE – because she KNEW she wasn’t out of control – she had a happy secret.

It’s now common knowledge that Weinstein, who was Executive Producer of Heidi’s Lifetime show , used his Runway connection to set up “casting meetings” with models.

Many of these models have come forward with lurid details about his behavior.

"We were going to share Bambi month to month, but he thought it would be too hard for him." While Tinsley spent most of her Saturday nights at AXE Lounge in Southampton last year with Brian, a vice president at the club's parent company, Paige Management Group, don't expect to find her out east much this summer.

, the socialite is seeing 26-year-old "nightlife player" Brian Mazza.

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