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As early as the 15th century a few individuals ventured into the proverbial "Wild Fields", the southern frontier regions of Ukraine separating Poland-Lithuania from the Crimean Khanate, which was a naturally rich and fertile region teeming with cattle, wild animals, and fish.

These ventures went on short-term expeditions to acquire the region's natural wealth and this mode of existing—farming, hunting, then returning home in the winter or perhaps remaining permanently—came to be known as the Cossack way of life.

It represented the ressurection of Virgin Mary as a woman.

We have long equated spirituality with a denial of the sexual being, but Madonna challenged this.

It is unlikely it could have happened before the 13th century, when the Mongols broke the power of the Cumans, who had assimilated the previous population on that territory.

By the 18th century, Cossack hosts in the Russian Empire occupied effective buffer zones on its borders.The lyrics to "The Power of Good-Bye" are stunning. I know she grew up on Joni Mitchell and Motown, and to my ears she embodies the best of both worlds.She is a wonderful confessional songwriter, as well as being a superb hit chorus pop writer...Some historians suggest that the Cossack people were of mixed ethnic origins, descending from Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Turks, Tatars, and others who settled or passed through the vast Steppe.In the midst of the growing Moscow and Lithuanian powers, new political entities had appeared in the region such as Moldavia and the Crimean Khanate.

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