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While in college, she was an active member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority.Shallow enjoys boxing, running, hiking, volleyball, yoga, skiing, softball, dancing and swimming (she was on her high school swim team all four years).She also flirted with the men of the tribe so she would be in a good place in both alliances. Calderon also became a target when he started annoying the tribe by bossing them around. When the contestants were down to twelve, a new twist called Mutiny was presented where anybody could change tribes.At Rarotonga's next Tribal Council, Stephannie Favor became a target for her weakness in challenges and for saying she would not mind being voted off. Parvati's former tribe mates Johnathan and Candice decided to jump back to Rarotonga, thus having all remaining Caucasian contestants on the same tribe.Parvati instantly formed an alliance with Adam, Jonathan, and Candice.Rarotonga lost the next two Immunity Challenges; Parvati remained loyal to her Raro Alliance by eliminating Brad Virata and, at the Double Elimination on Day 24, Rebecca Borman and Jenny Guzon-Bae.Parvati Shallow is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Micronesia.

Shallow put herself through college, attending the University of Georgia where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism with minors in French and Italian.At the merge, despite coming with a 5–4 member advantage over Aitutaki, Parvati found herself in the minority as Jonathan betrayed his Rarotonga tribe mates and joined the Aitu Four in voting out Nate Gonzalez.After alliance member Candice was eliminated, Parvati and Adam found themselves fighting for survival.Due to these exploits, Parvati has become a byword for charisma, villainy and high-level strategy, and remains in many respects a touchstone of Survivor culture.Parvati Shallow grew up the eldest of three siblings on a commune in Vero Beach, Florida.

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Returning in Micronesia, she formed a bond with James Clement and joined the Malakal Couples Alliance early on, but after the merge, she showed her dominance by forming the deadly Black Widow Brigade alliance which annihilated the men.

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