Quickly validating sql server configuration settings

Idera SQL Compliance Manager is a comprehensive SQL Server auditing tool that can help you monitor, audit and alert SQL Server user activities and data changes.

You can get detailed visibility into who did what and when, and how changes were implemented.

I have noticed that there is also minimal overhead when running this tool.

Apex SQL Audit is a comprehensive tool that supports tracking data changes to SQL Database.

It can capture and store data changes to a central database and tracks who did what and when, and how changes were implemented.

This tool supports comprehensive audit reports that are run out of the central database.

Recall that in order to create that Bizagi database, you need to have previously used a Check that the login is enabled and not locked out: You may modify or review that this SQL Server account login, is used in the connection string of the Work Portal and the Scheduler connections, by editing their corresponding configuration files.

This tool is capable of tracking all user and administrator activity, such as who made what kind of changes, when the changes were implemented and from which work station changes were carried out.

: For the TCP/IP properties, it is recommended that the TCP port is explicitly defined (by default as 1433), so that dynamic ports are not used by the instance: You may want to ensure that the SQL Server Browser service is in a started mode as well: Changing these settings may require restarting your database service.

The TCP/IP port configuration requires that there is no firewall rule or corporate security software blocking that port used for your database connection. This means that you need to apply these mappings once your Bizagi production environment database has been created.

Both tools can be included when installing the SQL Server database.

In case that your SQL Server version does not include the SQL Server Management Studio, you may download and install it directly from Microsoft's official web site at no cost.

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