Paul dano and zoe kazan still dating dating at 40 50 and 60

She did three documentaries which were After Iraq, HBO First Look and the popular Showing Up.

She played the role of Denise Thibodeau in a TV series called Olive Kitteridge in the year 2014. Some of her outstanding work came in movies like What If, It's Complicated and Me and Orson Welles.

At her thirties also Zoe is an excellent looking woman with a sexy figure and perfect body measurements.

Her hot legs have also made her very desirable, and man cannot help themselves from checking her out at least once.

Paul will be very lucky to be the husband of this beautiful and amazing lady and will thank God for bringing her to his life.

Zoe is not very tall with an average height of 5 feet and 4 and a half inches which are approximately 1.64 meters.

Zoe is very popular on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook where she addresses her fans.

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