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Olaf is an eccentric criminal and is known to have committed many crimes as a member of the fire-starting side of V. D., a Volunteer Fire Department that eventually branched into a massive secret organisation, prior to the events of the first book in the series.

Olaf is repeatedly described as extremely tall and thin and having a unibrow, a wheezy voice, gleaming eyes, and extremely poor hygiene.

Klaus is one of the three orphans of the series who appears in all thirteen novels.

Klaus is the middle child of the Baudelaire orphans; he has an older sister named Violet and a younger sister named Sunny.

He is distinguished by a congenital cough, purblind demeanour, and general inefficacy in caring for both sets of children.

Violet is the eldest Baudelaire: she is fourteen at the beginning of the series and turns fifteen in The Grim Grotto.

Brett Helquist's drawings indicate she has long, brown hair.

Sunny Baudelaire is one of the three protagonists of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events series who appears in all thirteen novels.

Sunny is the youngest of the three Baudelaire orphans and is described as an infant through much of the series.

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Although the series is given no distinct location, other real persons appear in the narrative as well, including the series' illustrator, Brett Helquist, and Daniel Handler himself.

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