Outlook 2016 group calendar not updating

I'm using Outlook 2016 on my mac connecting to office 365.

I can add shared calendars fine, and most calendars work absolutely without an issue for calendars that have permissions set to User = Default, Role = Reviewer.

We’ll start by creating a new calendar that we will then share with outside users.

In the left side of your Outlook calendar, click the plus sign next to “My Calendars.” This will add a new calendar to the bottom of the list.

From Outlook To share a calendar in a shared mailbox you have access to, open the shared mailbox in OWA using the Open another mailbox command (click on your photo or the person icon in the upper right to expand the menu), then follow the steps above to share the calendar.

Group calendars and Public Folder Calendars cannot be published or shared.

A common question Exchange users want to know is how to access shared calendars and contacts on a smartphone. If you have the shared calendar opened in Outlook, you'll have two copies: the subscribed ics file opened in your mailbox and the calendar that is opened as a shared calendar through Exchange. In OWA and on the devices they appear to be editable and changes sync back to the server, then disappear.

While the usual answer is “you can’t”, it is possible to open a link to the shared calendar in OWA, which allows it to sync as a calendar within your mailbox and sync to devices (and to Outlook). You'll want to use the calendar shared via Exchange in Outlook because it updates much faster than the subscribed calendar. At this point in time, I would not create or edit appointments on the published calendars.

the owner of the calendar doesn't want me to see the notes on the meeting), I can't see any appointments at all. When I use Outlook 2013 on Windows with the same account, I can see the calendar entries for that use just fine.

If you use the Outlook app, you'll need to add it to OWA as you can't subscribe to calendars separately. Wait a few minutes and open the Calendar app on your smartphone.

To add the calendar to OWA: The calendar opens in OWA. The new calendar should be in the Calendar list on the native Apple and Android apps and in the Outlook app on both Android and i OS.

It should take a couple minutes to complete, and you should not need administrative privileges.

Sign into the Office 365 web app, and navigate to Outlook calendars.

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