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Williams first began to feel the heat when his divorce was made public.It’s not hard to understand why — even if the reaction was overblown.

Perhaps some of the backlash to Williams is steeped in the privilege many believe he’s been afforded as a light-skinned black man.Chris Evans and Minka Kelly just might be working on a sequel – to their romance.After breaking up last year, the on-and-off couple have been spending time together in recent months, a source tells PEOPLE. 21 and enjoyed carryout from Hugo’s Tacos in Los Angeles. The two also spent time with his family in late September at karaoke night at Lavender Asian Cuisine & Bar in Evans’s hometown of Sudbury, Massachusetts, onlookers tell PEOPLE.As if a relationship with another human being Williams’ relationship with Kelly shouldn’t be used as a “gotcha” in online debates — and neither should Serena’s.Just as Serena’s relationship does not diminish her work uplifting black women as the greatest athlete in the world, Williams’ relationship doesn’t diminish his political activism.

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