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The Hollywood Reporter: You look very different in person than you do on the show.Are people surprised to see how different you look from Jenna in real life? I can look different from role to role, as well as act different from role to role.THR: What would you say you have in common with Matty and what makes you different from him? I don’t think I’m as self-conscious as Matty -- like he is kind of figuring everything out internally. Later in the season, he keeps some secrets from Jake [Brett Davern], his best friend and you would think he would tell his best friend anything, but he doesn’t because he has this wall up. She’s the girl who floats around high school’s middle earth and viewers seem to connect with her natural ability to temper good times with really bad luck.I’ve been doing a lot of scuba diving on the weekends, and hiking, and playing music, and just, you know, hanging out really.” STORY: ' Awkward's' Jillian Rose Reed on Who Wrote the Letter: ' Everyone Is a Suspect' In fact, he was traveling when the news that MTV had given the series another season broke. “I was actually flying home from Miami," he remembers.

I have a problem unpacking my luggage when I return from a trip. STORY: ' Awkward': Meet Tamara's Mom, ' Romy and Michele's' Julia Campbell, Plus Who's Ricky Schwartz?(Exclusive) THR: What can we expect from the Matt-Jenna relationship in the remaining episodes this season? I’ll kind of finally redeem myself, and then something will happen, and it all falls apart.It was a beautiful spring day in Victoria, British Columbia. I was ten years old and nervously standing in front of my love.

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