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": Yes, it's not the same, but I have never seen a cause where generating a group of lambda functions in a list has been required..It might make sense in other languages, but Python is not Haskell (or Lisp, or ...) you can do better with either named functions or list and generator expressions.(However, it's not necessary to send in complaints about the removal of lambda, map or filter: they are staying.:-) lambdas are extremely useful in GUI programming.Dr eimany is an extremely knowledgeable doctor who takes time to see what care is best for you. He isnt just a great doctor but he is also human and cracks jokes (which he thinks are funny). He's looking after his patients, not shunting them out the door when their 15 minutes are up.😂When it comes to medication and treating you I have full confidence that he knows exactly what he is doing and what will work best for you. It gives me comfort knowing I'm in good hands! I make sure to bring a book or wander over to the cafe for coffee while I wait.I am shocked and concerned by the other reviewer's report of inappropriate comments.

- the lambda has much more cruft (assignment to arg and then usage) and it's less clear what the intention is (you could be doing something subtly different in the lambda).Totally inappropriate, disrespectful, unprofessional and intimidating. Would give zero stars and a great big WARNING sign if I could. Is lambda one of those "interesting" language items that in real life should be forgotten?As to his punctuality I don't think there is any doctor that doesn't go over a little but I do find tom is never one to rush an appointment and often goes over time. I find his understanding of psychiatric meds outstanding.I much prefer that than having a doc looking at there watch the whole time! His people skills aren't the best, but I have never experienced inappropriate or insensitive comments from him - and I have been seeing him for several years.

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For example, lets say you're creating a group of buttons and you want to use a single paramaterized callback rather than a unique callback per button.

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  1. But it would be simple to add another array to which the numbers would be saved in the order in which they were generated, and returning that instead (at negligible additional cost ).