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"My parents wanted college," he recalls, "but I wanted hot rods." Varez kept everyone happy: he attended the University of Hawaii while driving to the Manoa campus in a 1938 Chevy sedan with a Chrysler Fargo truck V-8 engine.

Varez graduated from the UH with a degree in English.

The car's occupants bounced around like pachinko balls on amphetamine. Tall foliage, some poisonous, clawed up at the lonely wire dangling between telephone poles.

The rental vehicle moved up and down more than straight ahead, the speedometer needle flat on its side. Like a green car wash, damp ferns embraced the car.

Beneath his Robinson Crusoe exterior lurks a compulsive hyper-organizer, one who possesses a genetic affinity for master building on a grand scale.

While Varez told of designing, clearing, grading and making his miniature lake, a question persisted: How does he know these things? Germany had occupied Bohemia and Moravia, placed Slovakia under "protection," annexed Memel and renounced agreements with Poland, England, Italy and the USSR. The most popular war song in the Deutschland was "Lili Marlene." In Berlin, on March 28, a first child was born to the Donat family who lived next to a canal in the center of the German capital.

Soon war engulfed the continent and father Donat abandoned his engineering design work on such projects as the rotary engine. "We didn't speak English and our first language was pidgin," remembers Dietrich. When we moved to Pearl City in 1952, Chris and I were the only haoles in the school."In spite of the initial culture shock, Dietrich would live the rest of his boyhood in typical island style.

He was conscripted by Adolf Hitler--himself a would-be architect--to supervise construction of German airports and bridges. By the end of WW-II, Herr Donat was in hiding, on the run, hunted by the victorious Russians. The elder Varez remained in the army, while Ursula devoted her time to raising the family.

The pond appeared simple enough, but like Varez himself, looks are deceptive.

This was the alleged "road" to Big Island artist Dietrich Varez's place.?

" --Mark Twain Straight up Highway 11 from Hilo, beyond Keaau and Mountain View, just before the "2500 Feet Altitude" sign is Glenwood.

Abruptly, a 35-foot wide "ALOHA" painted on the sloping roof of a two-story wooden house, popped into sight. The map said we'd reached "Berchtesgaden, Home of the Printfuhrer."A smiling Dietrich Varez waded out of a large pond, ducks chugging off in his wake. Kama, a large black schnauzer arrived, sniffling its curiosity.

His wife, Linda, barefoot earth mother in a lavender muumuu, waved from the bank. The 6-foot, 5-inch Varez was thinner and younger looking than a man of 50 should be.

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Only one other person was encountered: a scowling, leathery old man rattling towards civilization in a battered pickup.

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