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I explored a number of breeders’ websites, wrote many emails and made a number of phone calls.

My search came to a happy ending when finally I spoke with Molly Forman.

Even if it entailed traveling some distance, I was willing to do that in order to find the right dog and the right breeder.Molly continues to support her clients and the dogs she has placed.Personally, I feel completely comfortable to phone, text, or email Molly at any time for any reason, and know she will be there to support my dogs and me with whatever advice or information or help that is needed.Molly continues to demonstrate her tremendous love for her dogs and the breed in general, as well as her ongoing commitment to her clients, both past and present.I highly recommend Almost Heaven Biewers & Cloverdale Yorkies to anyone looking for a delightful small dog.

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The puppies Molly placed with me are a constant source of joy and love.

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