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And then the big and tall young Jamaican tenant looked at his cell phone and noticed that it was ten o'clock in the morning. In spite of all his precautions, he slept through his alarm clock. Oh, and this meant the brother had less than an hour to get to the Algonquin College campus library to get some work done for his criminal justice class before heading to the east end department store where he worked as a security guard.

Opening the door, Salomon was greeted by his landlady Farrah Omagakiins, clad in a black tank top and grey sweatpants, a lustful grin on her face.

When the landlady knocked on his room door on the second floor, rousing him from slumber, Salomon Bismarck was initially irritated."Less talking and more eating that pussy, Salomon," Farrah said in that bossy tone that Salomon usually found really annoying, but today it gave him a hard-on.Farrah noticed the young black man's dick hardening and smiled, wrapping her legs around him and drawing him deeper into herself.This blazing hot Sunday morning in late May was turning out better than he expected..."My dear Salomon, I've been wanting to do this for a while," Farrah paused to say, and then she caressed the underside of Salomon's shaft, driving the young man absolutely nuts.

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