Flickr photostream rss not updating

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You are permitted to make archival backup copies of the stack.

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The Feed Slider uses some quite complicated code behind the scenes, which can be used to read a raw feed and convert the Atom or RSS code into reusable HTML code.

The page file extension can be left as in the Rapid Weaver Site Setup window.

Generally the Feed Stack will parse and present each item with a title, date and content.

Customer support If you have questions that relate specifically to this stack, you should make contact via the contact page.

MAMP) or publish the website online to see it working.This stack makes use of a PHP proxy to enable you to pull in feeds from an outside website (normally Javascript is sandboxed and cannot access content from other domains).Therefore you will need to have a server with support for PHP5 or later.Getting a URL for a feed sounds easy, but it is slightly difficult, depending on how you have got your computer configured to handle XML feeds like RSS.Often clicking a feed link in a web browser will automatically subscribe you to the feed or open it in an external viewer (ultimately hiding the URL from you).

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Feed Slider can be used with most common types of Atom or RSS feeds, however those which contain invalid XML code are less likely to work.

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