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You could, for example, build a simple rental-car reservation system that uses collection events.

This application uses Collections include the item Updated() method, which notifies a collection that the underlying data has changed and ensures that the collection’s data view is up to date when items in the underlying data object do not implement the IEvent Dispatcher interface.

Let’s edit the item as shown below Now specify the Item Price any greater than 0, here we are updating the Product Price as 0.

Use this method to prevent the collection, and therefore the control that uses it as a data provider, from showing intermediate changes in a set of multiple changes.The Data Grid class, for example, uses the method to optimize performance in cases where multiple items in a collection are being edited at once.By disabling the auto update until all changes are made, a control like the Data Grid control can receive an update event as a single batch instead of reacting to multiple events.Then the component wraps the Array in a collection wrapper.The wrapper must be manually notified of any changes made to the underlying Array data object, and you can use the metadata tag above a class definition, or above a variable declaration within the class, ensures that the class implements the IEvent Dispatcher interface, and causes the class to dispatch property Change events.

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