Dangerous dating relationship

​ "There were no secrets between us," she recalls and notes that it was only logical then to tell him when a man in their neighbourhood approached her to be his girlfriend.

They send you flowers every day, they're obsessed with you, and it's just one grand gesture after another.But if someone starts showering you with so much love and attention too quickly, you have to question their pacing and their judgement. What exactly is missing form their life that they are throwing themselves into a romantic attachment so quickly without having time to assess fully how you are."So that might be bad enough, but the true motivation behind love bombing is even worse. It makes everything really heightened and puts you in a really vulnerable place. Some people have trouble tolerating these sort of unknowns.Honestly, when one partner comes in that strong and showers you with effort and gifts they're often trying to establish themselves in a certain light. "Some people do like to have relationships this way," Hartstein says. But the truth is, the love bomber doesn’t know you and you don’t know them." So you're having all of these really intense feelings and investing all sorts of emotional energy in someone that you don't actually know.This, she observes, can lead to unnecessary jealousies or an ugly eventuality especially should one party starts dating someone else for real.ALSO READ: 10 Reasons why you are still single "The two parties should have clear signals of the direction which the relationship is taking," she advises.

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