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We’ll get to installation in a moment, but first let’s cover the obvious.With so many cables concentrated in one spot, there is bound to be heat.This will also allow you to control fan speeds once your computer is up and running.If you have fans on your northbridge or southbridge, you will see computer wiring connections coming from these fans.In your home, behind your TV, in your office, under your desk or anyplace you have tons of cables, Cable Box is the best cable management system to keep things looking tidy.First, identify the different cables that are attached to your case.These will be small 4 pin connections that you can plug the smaller fans into.Using this connection instead of going directly to the power supply will allow your system to control the fan speed dependent on temperature.

Some fans will come with a 4 pin connector that you will connect directly to the power supply.

Simply drop the surge protector with everything all plugged in and close the lid to hide excess wires and messy cables.

Two outlets run on both sides of Cable Box to allow for necessary cables to come out and plug into their associated devices.

These will connect into the motherboard directly as well.

These are 3 pin connections usually, and will be designed to only fit in a specific plug.

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