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(AP Photo) QUESTION: While "Mo" did lay out a blueprint for the type of pitching coach he was interested in hiring — someone at least familiar with analytics and data — is it possible that even if Mike Maddux didn't fully match everything listed in the job description, he was just too good to pass up? It's also possible that the Cardinals learned a lot about Maddux during the interview process that maybe wasn't out there in the press or on his resumé.

The moment Maddux was hired I received, before I had a chance to ask, a series of raves from former players who have worked or played with him.

GOOLD: It appears that the Cardinals' patience for the current model has run out, and they are making changes. This is Year 3 of the adjustments -- does it make it to Year 4?

GOOLD: The Cardinals have attempted to structure a bench that suits his tendencies.

They're willing to move quantity to avoid trading top-tier quality for a short-term fix. The Cardinals have spent two, three years trying to conjure that needed middle order hitter from internal options. Follow-up: Who would surprise you if they were not protected from the Rule 5 draft and left off the 40-man roster? Follow-up: Loved the story on the Cardinals playing in the AFL. Lucas and Sosa must stay on or be available in the draft. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants on Saturday, June 4, 2016, at Busch Stadium in St. Photo by Chris Lee, [email protected]: What is the Cards' backup plan if Waino and Wacha are shut down in midseason? GOOLD: They intend to look at the starting pitchers and possibly add to their rotation depth, absolutely. And, as we've chronicled in print and in the chat, there are plenty of options out there -- some of which can even be revisited after spring training starts. Give that power reliever a chance and watch the saves roll in. Louis Cardinals' Tommy Pham hits a single in the sixth inning during a game between the St. Photo by Chris Lee, [email protected]: Clearly, Tommy Pham outplayed his contract. They need a known quantity, and that just happens to be the most valuable commodity in baseball. Louis Cardinals' Matt Carpenter hits a home run in the first inning during a game between the St. Photo by Chris Lee, [email protected]: Wouldn't it make sense to move Matt Carpenter to an AL team NOW due to his advancing age and the fact he'd be a prime candidate for DH? Oh, and he played this past season seriously hampered by a shoulder injury and an oblique issue and still found a way to be one of the most reliable OBP players in the game. Louis Cardinals Friday, March 17, 2017, in Port St. (AP Photo/John Bazemore) QUESTION: Will Jay Bruce be on the Cardinals shopping list? I'm still somewhat shocked that they didn't find their way to him this past season when he could have been landed for not too much.Giancarlo Stanton has a big salary, a contract no team wanted to take on, and an opt-out clause that either makes him a short-termer or a big commitment, and, oh, he has a no-trade clause. The Cards could get younger with more upside, quickly, by dealing Marp. GOOLD: I appreciate the effort put into this explanation (edited for brevity's sake).There has never been a deal like that one because there's never been a contract like his, and that means it's incredibly difficult to figure out what to do when it comes to moving that deal. It does go through some of the concerns, but then it resurrects itself with trades that seem to ignore those same concerns.They provided him with a lineup that did not have Matt Carpenter atop it, they took Allen Craig away so that Oscar Taveras would play, and so on and so on. Photo by Chris Lee, [email protected]/QUESTION: For the last two years, the Cardinals haven't had the talent to get past the first round of playoffs, if that.So, evidence tells us that the Cardinals see molding the roster to their manager is a priority and a way to win. Louis Cardinals president of baseball operations John Mozeliak (left) and general manager Mike Girsch enter the clubhouse before attending a season wrap press conference on Tuesday, Oct. They still need a bat, a starter, and a closer, and those will be difficult and expensive to get.

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