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Source: Shutter Stock Once you reject him, things are most likely going to be a little awkward.But if you want to stay friends with this guy, you have to try not to act awkward around him.very once in a while, something on the internet brightens your day.Something so positive and heartwarming that just one 'like' doesn't seem to do it justice. This is the story of a man called Robbie Tripp, who has posted an open letter to his wife, Sarah, on Instagram.But in the beginning, try not to do it so obviously right in front of the friend you just rejected. You don't have to keep this up forever - just do it for a little while.I'm not saying you should try to actively hide your other romantic activities, but I wouldn't flirt with other guys while hanging out with him, you know?Don't make up a lie like, "I'm interested in someone else," (if you're not), "I don't want a relationship right now" (if you really do), or "Maybe down the road" (false hope is not nice).And try to avoid cliches, like "Our friendship just means too much to me to date you." That doesn't come off as genuine - it just comes off as lame.

But I'd love if we could be friends again when you're up for it." Source: Shutter Stock You can talk about the situation with your close friends, but don't gossip about it with mutual friends the two of you have.I found myself in this situation a few years ago when a good friend of mine told me he really liked me.I didn’t feel that way about him at all, and I didn’t know how to react, so I ended up making a silly joke that really hurt his feelings.If you were rejected, would you want everyone to know about it? Talk about it only with close, trusted friends, and let everyone else figure things out on their own.Source: Shutter Stock You can, of course, date other guys or flirt with other guys.

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  1. It was not until early adulthood that I eventually said, nope, this is not bizarre, it isn’t a period — it is pure, it’s wholesome, it’s authentic, it is interesting, and it’s lovely. My first “social” experience was not at a club or a beach or anything like that. It was the night I got up the nerve, turned to my wife and said, “I believe I’d like to be nude around the home sometimes….because I enjoy it.

  2. I took someone back who I knew I shouldn't have; I spent way too much time with someone completely inappropriate; I hooked up with a lover's friend; and I foolishly tried to turn a fling that was obviously not going anywhere into something bigger.