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He owns and works at The Brownstone restaurant in Paterson, which hosts events, and lists that as his official address – something Christie on Thursday called absurd.'Do you really believe he's sleeping on a cot at the Brownstone in Paterson? 'No one is paying attention to what is going on in these places,' Christie said.

'Instead of being concerned about managing the taxpayer money, they have much more concern about getting their piece.'Mr Manzo told The Record newspaper he has an apartment in his Paterson restaurant and plans to fight to keep his job.

Lisa tries to find another job, giving a screen test interviewing Anthrax for MTV. James begins his search for a wife using business tactics, starting with a list of 36 women. Guest stars Anthrax, and Natalia Nogulich as Melanie Sanders. James buys sports cars for everyone on the staff except for Matthew, who gets tapes.

Bill thinks that the Santa Claus down in the lobby is stalking him. Recurring characters Tone Lōc as Lorenzo, and Toby Huss as Junior.

She is seen clearly towards the end of the episode standing outside the broadcast booth, but has no lines during this scene.

Ray Romano was originally slated to play the "Electrician" character, but both Romano and the show's producers felt that he was not a good fit for the show.

He reportedly did so to avoid having a state senator in Bergen County, where the mansion is located, block his nomination.The governor criticized Manzo for not revealing that he lived in Bergen Country's Franklin Lakes instead of Paterson.The Manzo family's posh, 5600-square foot Franklin Lakes home, which they share with their three children, has often been shown on the Bravo reality series over the past few years.Neither Joe Rogan nor Khandi Alexander appear in the pilot.Greg Lee's "Rick" character is similar to Rogan's "Joe" character, and Ella Joyce plays "Catherine".

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