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Aeron’s solution relies on blockchain technology to track aircraft maintenance and pilot logs.This electronic logging system would enable pilots to have logs that can be verified online, making aviation safer for everyone involved. Cobalt Coin introduces crypto-currencies into the real sector of the economy and enables any person to become a co-owner of a large international mining enterprise producing high-tech products.They have to feed it actual conversations and then test it across hundreds or even thousands of scenarios constantly checking for accuracy and making adjustments until it’s capable of successfully assisting customers a majority of the time.Chatbots have come a long way in the last few years.We provide several tiers of research at our own discretion. Start the evaluation process by filling out our intake form here. The Jibrel Network facilitates tokenizing, exchanging and transacting using traditional real-world assets, such as bonds and currencies.We don't perform in-depth research on every project. We don't charge for listing but we do request basic information. Through the use of blockchain technology, Jibrel will be able to facilitate the listing, trading and digitisation of these assets.The Hut34 Project aims to provide the infrastructure to power an open market for the exchange of information, similar to Quora, using a distributed interbot network where data, information, and services can be exchanged and monetised fairly by all.

Programmers would design a chatbot to be able to differentiate between a handful of different requests or questions.

Payments will be secured through ODEM’s native token.

A distributed network that incentivizes people to share mobile device resources, such as Internet, data, and storage, with those who lack access, thereby increasing global connectivity and facilitating international communication and commerce.

Chatbots use elements of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to try to determine what a human conversant is saying to it.

Then, based on what it’s programmed to do, it will give a response.

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It’s memory can store the dictionary definition for every word in existence.

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