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They dont charge a start up fee apart from 10 for your telephone training which is 20mins long. x I work for (not sure if I'm allowed to put that on here so if the name gets removed message me and I'll let you know!

) You basically have your own "page" on their website, and men can choose who to phone.

They may be charming, finely honed or just plain cheesy.

But whatever the quality of the chat-up line you would be better off simply going over and introducing yourself.

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You do get some calls that are a bit weird, but the site doesnt condone violence, underage sex, anything else illegal and if men start trying to talk to you in this way you can hang up an report them, and their account gets suspended.Much of the advice in dating manuals is ‘bunkum’ and lacks any scientific evidence to back up its claims, a psychologist and agony aunt said last night.Dr Petra Boynton, of University College London, said that rather than wasting valuable time trying to come up with a suave chat-up line worthy of a smooth-talker such as Cary Grant, singletons would be better to go over to the object of their desire and simply say ‘Hello’ or ‘How are you?Dr Boynton said: ‘All the while most people are just waiting for somebody to say 'Hello'.‘Chat-up lines generally don’t tend to work because they seem very contrived.’She added that while most dating books do contain a ‘nugget’ of wisdom, many of those unlucky in love would be better to focus on building their self confidence. From then on, a perpetual “war machine” was in motion with Wall Street Jewish investment banks funding US armament industries.

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